Jinming is a famous brand in the world providing complete series of plastic film extrusion machines and customized solutions. Our products include multi-layer coextrusion blown film machine, water quench blown film machine, cast film machine, uniaxially/biaxially oriented film machine. We have served customers from industries of consumer goods packaging, industrial heavy duty packaging, printing and lamination, solar PV, agriculture film, geomembrane film, breathable film, and infusion bag. Besides, Jinming is able to develop plastic film extrusion machines for specialized applications that customers demand. Contact us for professional advice and get your business bigger.

Jinming blown film machine for flexible packaging can be divided into two categories. By film structure, we provide barrier film blowing machine(Classicx 5-9 layers blown film machine) and non-barrier film blowing machine(Superex 5-layer blown film machine, Classicx 3-5 layers blown film machine, Valuex 3-layer blown film machine); by function, Jinming provides agriculture blown film machine, PVDF solar pv panel film machine, TPU blown film machine, adhesive protective film machine, POF blown film machine.

Jinming water quench blown film machines include 3-8 layers water quench blown film machine and dual-bubble/multi-bubble blown film machine. They are mainly used in medical infusion bag, high transparent packaging, POF shrink film and barrier packaging of meat product.

In 2002, Jinming started its R&D and production of cast film machine. Now we provide 3-4 layers CPP/CPE cast film machine and 6-11 layers high barrier cast film machine. Their applications include lamination film packaging, food barrier packaging, stretching film, protective film and functional mulch film.

Jinming subsidiary Shantou Far East Equipment Co., Ltd(FEEC) has rich experience in R&D and production of stretch film machine. By far, FEEC has sold dozens of BOPP/BOPET film machine and MDO online/offline film machine. These machines are mainly applied for consumer goods packaging and optical film.

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